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If you’re looking for gardening advice, don’t let our vintage glam look fool you – we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get a bit of dirt or flour under our fingernails!

The Gardenettes is a retro-tinged garden to table show,  we’re food-obsessed lovers of all things green. Our stories, gardening tips and tricks focus on the things we love most – beautiful gardens and flowers, potted style – indoors and out and growing and eating delicious home-grown, hand-picked, home made food.  We’re passionate about showing you that you CAN grow your own food, pick fresh blooms straight from your own backyard and create a feast with garden fresh produce.


This show has heart and soul poured into its making, built from the brains of sleep deprived mothers and crafted in the quiet corners of kid-friendly cafes. As working mums we know what it’s like to have an on-the-go lifestyle, so The Gardenettes’ videos and tips are bite sized and easy to digest through Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, so you can get your Gardenettes fix anytime.

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia but we’re oozing our passion for gardening & cooking around the world!

The Gardenettes

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