Chloe Thomson Presenter The Gardenettes

Hey there! I’m Gardenette Chloe Thomson.

I’m passionate about gardening, in particular growing my own food.

My love of growing and cooking is infectious and so is my enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge with all generations. I have a degree in Agricultural Science and am currently completing my Masters of Urban Horticulture at Burnley, University of Melbourne.

I grew up surrounded by a family passionate about organic gardening and cooking their homegrown produce. I’m experienced at gardening in all conditions, having lived – and gardened – on a small farm, in tiny apartments, in crowded share houses and on your average suburban house block.

I honed my presenter skills on The Garden Gurus (Channel 9) for 5 years and I’ve written for several gardening publications including The Guru Magazine, Good Organic Gardener & Vasili’s Garden. My blog and social media profile “Bean There Dug That” also has a great following of 25-45 year old women in Australia.

As a mum to 2 little boys – I would like to show, particularly the younger generations, that sustainable gardening, and growing at least some of the food you eat – is possible no matter where you live!

Follow me on my own garden journey here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beantheredugthat/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beantheredugthat

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