How to fix a clay soil

Chloe explains how to tell if your soil has a clay content and then how to garden successfully in it! In this video – Chloe gives you the low down on a clay soil and some handy hints on how to garden in it. Lots of compost and eco-flo gypsum are her favourite things to use in a clay soil. To purchase eco-flo gypsum visit: https://ecoorganicgarden.com.au/

Creating a raised vegetable garden

Using the lasagne layering technique to fill raised vegetable beds is easy, cheaper and faster than shoveling piles of dirt!

Chloe’s using some Birdies Veggie Grow Crates to create some instant veggie gardens in her backyard. The best way to fill these ready for planting up is using the lasagne or layering technique – this also means you can create raised vegetable gardens quickly, easily and very little soil. You’ll need: – straw – lucerne straw – veggie soil mix – cow manure – pelletised chicken manure – eco-aminogro & eco-flo dolomite.

NOTE – these Veggie Grow Crates – do actually come with a false bottom that can reduce the dept of the bed to approx 30 centimetres. So if you want to get the crates and JUST fill them with veggie soil mix (eg. not do the lasagne layinering technique) then go with this option.

For more info on Birdies products check out: https://birdiesgardenproducts.com.au/

For more info on eco organic garden products check out: http://www.ecoorganicgarden.com.au/

Queensland Fruit Fly Control

Queensland Fruit Fly can be controlled organically with a simple 2 step process.

Simply pick up an eco-lure trap and pop it into your garden so you know when the Queensland Fruit Fly are active in your area.

Then once you spot the pests filling up the trap, it’s time to lay down the eco-naturalure insecticide to control them. For details on the products mentioned in this video or to buy them please visit:


Companion planting & attracting beneficial bugs

Learning how to use companion plants and how to attract beneficial bugs to your garden will  improve your fruit and veg pollination AND help defend your precious crops against pest and disease attack.

In this video Chloe takes you through some simple steps to create a beneficial bug friendly garden at your place. Using good bug attracting plants and flowers.

Not sure which are the good bugs and which are the bad one? No probs grab a copy of The Garden Guardians book and you’ll be a bug ID pro in no time!

If you’ve gone to the effort of attracting beneficial insects into your garden, then you don’t want to kill them with nasty insecticide sprays. So always choose a bug safe certified organic spray – we love the range from eco organic garden.

Winter Garden Care & Winter Garden Jobs

There is still plenty of work to do in your winter garden. So complete a few simple winter garden jobs now and your garden will be blooming mad come spring!