Chocolate, Raspberry & Avocado Mousse by Dani Venn

Chocolate, raspberries and avocados as a dessert might sound like a strange combination, but this dessert if creamy, velvety and utterly delicious! Try Dani Venn’s Choc Avocado Mousse for a healthier dessert option – you’ll be delighted!!

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Broccoli Tabbouleh by Dani Venn

Dani’s spring Broccoli Tabbouleh Salad is a delight! And will be a hit with your friends and family. This flavour packed salad celebrates the broccoli and creates a delish twist on a tradition tabbouleh salad. So this version of tabbouleh is gluten free and loaded with flavour.

Vases, serving dishes and glassware thanks to Marimekko

Pea Guacamole by Dani Venn

Dani uses peas instead of avocado to make a delicious guacamole style dip.

You can use fresh or frozen peas to create this dip and it’s the perfect kinda health dip to go with evening drinks or weekend lunch time BBQ.

Cauliflower Rice Pilaf

Take cauliflower to a whole new level with Dani Venn’s Cauliflower Rice Pilaf. This simple dish uses a full head of cauliflower and by adding some side vegetables and some lamb backstrap – this becomes a complete family feast.

Dani shows you how to make cauliflower rice using really simple ingredients. Although she uses a thermomix – but you can use any food processor to achieve the cauliflower rice consistency.

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How to make kimchi

Dani Venn’s easy to make kimchi is a great way to use up excess wombok cabbage or chinese cabbage. Kimchi is a fermented superfood and is just as tasty as it is good for you!

With Dani’s really simple method, you will learn how to make kimchi in a jiffy and be ready to whip up a batch!! If you do end up making some, we’d love for you to share your photos on Instagram or Facebook and use #iamagardenette so we can see.

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Roast Pear & Blue Cheese Salad by Dani Venn

Dani Venn’s Roast Pear and Blue Cheese salad really celebrates the delicious fruit that is pears.

Roasting pears bring out their natural sugars and they get all glossy and caramelised. Adding hazelnuts, blue cheese and prosciutto really makes this salad sing.

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