How to create a water garden in a pot

Melissa shows you how simple and quick it is to pop together an easy care water garden in a pot.

Just grab a pot with no drainage holes, some loamy sand mix, some small pebbles and a mix of aquatic plants.

Pop in a small pond pump to move the water around to create some soothing water sounds in your garden. This will also keep mosquito larvae at bay. Or if you’ve got a deep enough pot, you can pop in a few cold water fish to gobble up any larvae too.

How to create a colourful shade loving garden

Shady and dappled light areas like this one can be tricky, so in this video Chloe shows you how to plant out a colourful shade garden in her simply shady garden makeover.

Make sure you look for plants that are suitable for shady conditions. And for added depth and dimensions use plants with different heights and stagger their plantings.

Plants Chloe used in this makeover are all from the PGA Nursery range – find them in the dark purple pots at Bunnings and your local nursery. Hydrangea ‘Diamond Rouge’ is an absolute stunner! The big showy blooms emerge white in early summer, then change to gorgeous shades of pink and red in autumn. It’s a compact and hardy little gem that will also grow in full sun.

Lorepetalum ‘Plum Gorgeous’ has statement deep purple foliage that will shine! And just wait for spring and autumn when it’s flushed with vibrant raspberry flowers. For some contrast and more foliage interest add some Brunnera ‘Silver Heart’ this stunner looks great all year round and produces clusters of cobalt blue flowers in early spring. Lamium ‘Snow n Frost’ – is a great low growing ground cover with dainty white flowers appear in late spring and continue right through until autumn.

Don’t forget to mulch the area well and pop in a serene statue like the Standing Princess from Northcote Pottery.

So with a pretty palette of plants and the right finishing touches you CAN bring some life and colour into a shady corner of your garden!

How to make a succulent Christmas Tree

Melissa’s got a simple, stylish idea for you that will take your Christmas decorating to a whole new level – here’s how to create a succulent Christmas tree that will be the talk of the table!

Start by creating a cone out of chicken wire and stuff it with damp sphagnum moss or you could use coconut coir. I’ve started by creating a cone or then weight a bowl or pot using pebbles. The pot Melissa’s using is from the Northcote Pottery Italian Terracotta range. Then using succulent cuttings of different shapes, sizes and colours – poke them into the moss through the chicken wire.

If you’ve got succulents with no stem – thread floristry wire through the ends. Keep adding succulents until the tree is covered – add in some Christmas baubles too for extra sparkle! And don’t forget to top it off with a star.

An Australian Twig Christmas Tree

Here’s a simple little project to bring some festive flair to your garden this Christmas! An Australia Christmas tree with a twist that will brighten up your outdoor entertaining area or sparkle on your front step this Christmas.

Start with a pot in a festive colour like the gorgeous Primo Glazed pot from Northcote Pottery in ‘Forest Green’. Then add: red petunias, white calibrachoas and Turkey thyme all from Oasis Horticulture.

To finish the look off add an old eucalyptus brand and decorate with little ornaments. Just magic!

Pimp your pots!

Here are 3 clever ways to decorate pots, simply grab a terracotta pot and give it a makeover with some glue, paint and a few accessories.

This easy DIY project is a great way to Pimp Your Pots, using things you probably have lying around your home or garage.

Chloe suggests the following ways to decorate pots;
1. Lace effect look
2. Drip paint effect
3. Paint and rope combo

Into these pretty pots you can pop succulents, cacti, herbs or flowers. Just use plants that match the styling of your decorated pots.

If you give this project a go, we’d LOVE to see your results – share pics on Instagram and using #iamagardenette so we can see and share.

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