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Create a garden of blooms and have your own cutting garden

How to plant a butterfly garden

Butterflies are the Fairy Queens of our gardens flitting from flower to flower and with a little know how and the right plants you can transform your garden into a butterfly playground! The secret to luring butterflies is to grow both host plants which provide food...

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How to plant a bee friendly garden

Bee's - what's all the buzz about and why do we need them in our garden? When I tell you that 1 in mouthfuls of the food that we eat is thanks to the work of bees and that 90% of all food crops are pollinated by bees... then you begin to understand just how important...

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Dahlia’s Ain’t Dowdy – how to grow beautiful dahlias

Dahlia's certainly ain't dowdy! In fact this old-fashioned beauty is making one serious comeback - this diverse group of plants comes in a stunning mix of shades from white and yellows to reds, oranges, pinks and purples and almost black! Even specky bicolour...

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Natural Dyed Easter Eggs with a botanical twist

How to create your own natural vegetable dyes.... HINT - these dyes work best on white or very pale coloured eggs. Hard boil the eggs (and allow them to cool) BEFORE colouring them. Natural Beetroot Dye for Easter Eggs  (will make eggs a purple colour) - 2 cups of...

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What’s wrong with my roses?

What's wrong with my roses? Whether you've got lots of plants or just one rose bush, this is a really common question! So here are some simple solutions, to solve your rose riddles. 1. Not getting many blooms? Time to dead head your roses AND feed them up!...

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Pimp your pots!

Here are 3 clever ways to decorate pots, simply grab a terracotta pot and give it a makeover with some glue, paint and a few accessories. This easy DIY project is a great way to Pimp Your Pots, using things you probably have lying around your home or garage. Chloe...

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Autumn Planter

Melissa celebrates all the glorious colours of autumn with these flower and foliage packed containers.

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Easy way to prune roses

Chloe's got the simple tips for the easy way to prune roses! Before the end of winter you need to prune your roses so they are ready for the coming spring blooming season. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and prune your roses!

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Natures Medicine Chest

Tis' the season for coughs and sniffles, but don't worry Melissa 's got you covered with Natures Medicine Chest with plants from Oasis Horticulture & PGA Plants. Growing your own herbs and medicinal plants to help boost your immune system and treat symptoms of the...

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