Gardening Basics

New to gardening or have a garden problem to solve...then watch on for some helpful home gardening tips!

Fruit Tree Pruning Basics

Don’t be daunted by how to prune fruit trees - I’ve got a couple of simple guidelines that will help make the process easier. Firstly start by removing the 3 D’s - that’s any dead, diseased or damaged branches. Then look for any crossing or those growing downwards. As...

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What’s wrong with my roses?

What's wrong with my roses? Whether you've got lots of plants or just one rose bush, this is a really common question! So here are some simple solutions, to solve your rose riddles. 1. Not getting many blooms? Time to dead head your roses AND feed them up!...

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Mail order beneficial bugs for your garden!

Did you know that you can get an army of good bugs into your garden simply by ordering them through the post?! Pretty cool hey! Well Melissa's got some top tips on how you can use these beneficial predatory insects to battle the bad bugs in your garden. Using...

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NEW Organic Herbicide – Slasher

Chloe's got some nifty safe, effective and organic ways to control weeds in your garden. Including the use of a NEW certified organic weedkiller called Slasher by eco organic garden. You can find Slasher at all good hardware stores and garden centres in Australia. Or...

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What’s wrong with my lemon tree?

Chloe's covering some organic solutions to a few of the niggling pests and diseases that attack lemons and other citrus trees. For more info on eco organic garden products check out:...

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Easy way to prune roses

Chloe's got the simple tips for the easy way to prune roses! Before the end of winter you need to prune your roses so they are ready for the coming spring blooming season. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and prune your roses!

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