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Budget Gardening Tips & Tricks

There’s nothing like swooning over other peoples gardens or day dreaming over the beautiful creations at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. But the trick is to take inspiration from these 5 star gardens and bring them back to your own backyard without...

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Upcycled Succulent Project

I spotted this sad and lonely set of bedside drawers on the roadside ready for a hard rubbish collection....and immediately knew what I wanted to do with them. An upcycled succulent project - yes Succulents in Drawers! With a bit of prep work and a coat of paint to...

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How to grow plants in pots SUCCESSFULLY!

If you love growing a potted garden, then you'll need some of these tops tips for success when growing in pots. Let Chloe show you how to grow plants in pots SUCCESSFULLY! 1. Choose the right size pot for your plant. Not too big and not too small. A pot that is too...

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Our fav indoor hanging plants

Nothing creates the feeling of an indoor jungle quite like house plants with tarzan like vines cascading down from above. So when you’re decorating your house with greenery, don’t just introduce plants at ground level, spice things up a bit and create interest from...

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How to use garden screens

The right screen in the right place can be the difference between an eyesore and a decorative feature in the garden. I love the look of rusted metal in a garden – I think it adds style and character to outdoor living areas. These outdoor garden screens from Northcote...

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Create a succulent ball

I love a bit of garden art so I'm going to create a living succulent ball that can be a hanging feature in your garden. Here’s what you’ll need: 2 good sized hanging baskets A stylish selection of succulents Quality potting mix A piece of cardboard Cable ties A few...

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Dahlia’s Ain’t Dowdy – how to grow beautiful dahlias

Dahlia's certainly ain't dowdy! In fact this old-fashioned beauty is making one serious comeback - this diverse group of plants comes in a stunning mix of shades from white and yellows to reds, oranges, pinks and purples and almost black! Even specky bicolour...

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Natural Dyed Easter Eggs with a botanical twist

How to create your own natural vegetable dyes.... HINT - these dyes work best on white or very pale coloured eggs. Hard boil the eggs (and allow them to cool) BEFORE colouring them. Natural Beetroot Dye for Easter Eggs  (will make eggs a purple colour) - 2 cups of...

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Create a Zen Inspired Tea Garden

Life can get a little bit crazy sometimes and we love the idea that you can escape into the garden for a bit of me time. So here’s how to bring a touch of Zen to your little corner of the world. Running water has to be one of the most relaxing sounds and nothing...

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FUNKY new capsicum varieties

Check out the new capsicum varieties on the menu this season, with real wow factor both in the patch and on the plate. Capsicum Wings is in the spot light this season, with masses of decorative disc shaped fruit, with wing-like lobes that look a bit like a UFO. You...

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