Grow your own, cook your own

If you're keen to grow fruit, veggies and herbs we've got all the tips you'll need...

Chillies from Around the World

Grow a whole world of chilli flavour with these new chilli varieties from Oasis Horticulture. And I've got a cute way of growing them in pots with labels so you don't mix them all up! Happy Gardening Gardenette Melissa x

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Budget Gardening Tips & Tricks

There’s nothing like swooning over other peoples gardens or day dreaming over the beautiful creations at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. But the trick is to take inspiration from these 5 star gardens and bring them back to your own backyard without...

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Drying and storing herbs

We’re often asked for tips on how to harvest, dry and store herbs – so here goes! Our top tips on drying and storing herbs.... The woodier herbs like Rosemary, Thyme, Bay and Oregano are often the easiest to dry because they don’t have high moisture...

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Fruit Tree Pruning Basics

Don’t be daunted by how to prune fruit trees - I’ve got a couple of simple guidelines that will help make the process easier. Firstly start by removing the 3 D’s - that’s any dead, diseased or damaged branches. Then look for any crossing or those growing downwards. As...

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How get rid of black flies around indoor plants – Fungus Gnats

The pesky little black or grey flies darting around your indoor plants are fungus gnats! While the flying adults are just plain annoying, it’s the larvae which live in the potting mix that can be doing some serious harm to your plants. The adult flies lay their eggs...

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Grow your own mushrooms

Check out or buy these kits here Coffee lovers listen up! Our favourite drink also produces a TONNE of waste….in fact - in Melbourne CBD alone it’s estimated that nearly 5000 tonnes of ground coffee waste is thrown away every. single. week. But thanks to a couple of...

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A kids friendly vegetable garden

I'm going to create a pint sized patch - perfect for kids! It's gonna be filled with kid-friendly vegetables, oodles of pretty edible flowers and I'm gonna do it all organically. I've chosen a range autumn and winter growing veggies to suit the coming seasons, but of...

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How to plant a bee friendly garden

Bee's - what's all the buzz about and why do we need them in our garden? When I tell you that 1 in mouthfuls of the food that we eat is thanks to the work of bees and that 90% of all food crops are pollinated by bees... then you begin to understand just how important...

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How to grow seeds in a Jiffy Pot

Growing seeds is quick and easy thanks to Jiffy Pots! Ever wondered how to get your seeds off to best start in your garden? Grow them in Jiffy Pots! In this video Melissa has all the tips and tricks to get you growing with Jiffy Pots by Mr Fothergills and sowing some...

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Potted Strawberry Tower

Why just grow strawberries in a pot when you can create a TOWER of strawberries! Melissa King has this nifty technique to get you harvesting armfuls of strawberries this summer. So get planting strawberries RIGHT NOW (winter and spring) if you are in southern...

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