Potted Style

Creative, simple and inspirational potted garden projects

Create a succulent ball

I love a bit of garden art so I'm going to create a living succulent ball that can be a hanging feature in your garden. Here’s what you’ll need: 2 good sized hanging baskets A stylish selection of succulents Quality potting mix A piece of cardboard Cable ties A few...

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Grow your own mushrooms

Check out or buy these kits here Coffee lovers listen up! Our favourite drink also produces a TONNE of waste….in fact - in Melbourne CBD alone it’s estimated that nearly 5000 tonnes of ground coffee waste is thrown away every. single. week. But thanks to a couple of...

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Create a Zen Inspired Tea Garden

Life can get a little bit crazy sometimes and we love the idea that you can escape into the garden for a bit of me time. So here’s how to bring a touch of Zen to your little corner of the world. Running water has to be one of the most relaxing sounds and nothing...

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An indoor plant makeover

If a dull corner of your house is screaming out for a green, lush jungle look then keep watching. Chloe’s got some hot tips on how to give your indoors a plant makeover, with a bit of art-deco elegance. Using some established plants and some mail-order plants from...

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How to create a water garden in a pot

Melissa shows you how simple and quick it is to pop together an easy care water garden in a pot. Just grab a pot with no drainage holes, some loamy sand mix, some small pebbles and a mix of aquatic plants. Pop in a small pond pump to move the water around to create...

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How to make a succulent Christmas Tree

Melissa’s got a simple, stylish idea for you that will take your Christmas decorating to a whole new level - here’s how to create a succulent Christmas tree that will be the talk of the table! Start by creating a cone out of chicken wire and stuff it with damp...

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An Australian Twig Christmas Tree

Here's a simple little project to bring some festive flair to your garden this Christmas! An Australia Christmas tree with a twist that will brighten up your outdoor entertaining area or sparkle on your front step this Christmas. Start with a pot in a festive colour...

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Pimp your pots!

Here are 3 clever ways to decorate pots, simply grab a terracotta pot and give it a makeover with some glue, paint and a few accessories. This easy DIY project is a great way to Pimp Your Pots, using things you probably have lying around your home or garage. Chloe...

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Potted Strawberry Tower

Why just grow strawberries in a pot when you can create a TOWER of strawberries! Melissa King has this nifty technique to get you harvesting armfuls of strawberries this summer. So get planting strawberries RIGHT NOW (winter and spring) if you are in southern...

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