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An Australian Twig Christmas Tree

Here's a simple little project to bring some festive flair to your garden this Christmas! An Australia Christmas tree with a twist that will brighten up your outdoor entertaining area or sparkle on your front step this Christmas. Start with a pot in a festive colour...

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Pimp your pots!

Here are 3 clever ways to decorate pots, simply grab a terracotta pot and give it a makeover with some glue, paint and a few accessories. This easy DIY project is a great way to Pimp Your Pots, using things you probably have lying around your home or garage. Chloe...

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Summer Garden Party Styling

Chloe & Melissa have some gorgeous tips on how to style your outdoor setting to be glorious for your next summer garden party. Flower crowns created for us by the gorgeous girls from Bloombox Co. Check them out: and subscriber their...

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Indoor Plant Trends

Chloe's gah gah for indoor plants! And if you've got 1 or dozens of them, there is always room for 1 more 🙂 Don't have any yet? Then we hope this story inspires you get some indoor plants of your own.

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NEW Organic Herbicide – Slasher

Chloe's got some nifty safe, effective and organic ways to control weeds in your garden. Including the use of a NEW certified organic weedkiller called Slasher by eco organic garden. You can find Slasher at all good hardware stores and garden centres in Australia. Or...

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Small space gardening ideas

Melissa and Chloe have some top tips on how to grow edible crops in a small garden. Small space gardening has become a necessity as more and more people want to grow their own food - no matter where they live! Good work! So in this video the girls bring you some tips...

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