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Hey there! I’m Gardenette Chloe Thomson.

Talking plants and gardening makes me happy. My backyard is my sanctuary – a place to grow food, watch flowers bloom and enjoy getting my hands dirty. I’m Chloe Thomson, a horticulturalist, gardening presenter and self confessed plant nut. 

I grew up on a small hobby farm surrounded by veggie gardens, chickens, horses and lots of wide open spaces. And I reckon this has influenced my love of garden and the outdoors. When I finished high school I knew I couldn’t get an office job that would tie me to a desk, so I went on to study a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and then a Graduate Diploma of Horticulture.

My roles in the gardening and horticulture industry have been wide and varied – fresh out of uni I worked for the strawberry industry and part of my job included tasting mountains of strawberries for the breeding program! I’ve worked in sales and communications roles for several popular gardening brands and given talks and presentations to a huge range of audiences. 

For 5 years I was a TV presenter on The Garden Gurus and I’ve now created my own online gardening video series ‘The Gardenettes’ with my friend and business partner Melissa King. 

My own backyard is a sloping, quarter acre block in the outer Melbourne suburbs. When I moved in with my husband and 2 young boys 6 years ago – there wasn’t a single plant in the garden – NOT ONE! But now it’s a developing and changing oasis of edible plants, natives, flowers and smaller green spaces. Like all good gardens it will probably never be finished – but it’s just the way I like it. Always tinkering and always gardening.  

In March 2020, I was appointed the host of the new podcast series ‘Staying Grounded’ – as a new gardening series the podcast has been received very well and has ranked the top 1st or 2nd home and garden podcast in Australia since starting.

Tune in to the podcast here: or search for it wherever you normally find your podcasts. 

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Fantastic projects that anyone, from inexperienced to experienced gardeners and crafty people, can do! Clear information about a range of garden topics. Great exposure/ usage/ education of organic products that we should all be using in our gardens so as to encourage & protect our beneficial critters. Not to mention unbridled enthusiasm!!

Jennifer Smyth
February 2020

I've learnt how I can be confident and brave in my garden thanks to you! I've learnt about gardening tips and new garden products which I never knew existed too. Never a dull moment whenever I see your social media posting and videos. There is always something which makes me excited and look forward to learn and see!

February 2020

I love that you cover every aspect of gardening; from growing your own produce, to indoor plants, to fun activities to get the kids involved.

Erin Beven
February 2020

I love that you promote gardening as something that can be part of everyday life, for all ages and abilities!

Leah Robinson
February 2020

I love that you show that anyone can garden and in fact how enjoyable the act of gardening is. Also love the clothes and headwear you rock!!!

February 2020

I love that the ladies make gardening look more like a craft than hard work.

Amanda Davis
February 2020


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